White board series: The Art of Multi-Site k8s Part 2

Welcome to the second episode of a series of whiteboard sessions where I’ll discuss ways of doing Multi-Site k8s! When architecting such an environment there are many pitfalls and complexities to solve; things that appear so simple can prove to be so complex and the other way around.

Episode 2: Adding Persistent Storage to k8s

In this episode I will focus on how to add persistent storage into k8s using a CSI driver. As this series is all about Multi-Site k8s we will be replicating or mirroring this in future episodes, but first we need to get a clearer understanding in the way persistent storage gets added to k8s in the first place. This is why today I’ll focus on a single-site k8s cluster before we venture into the multi-site side of things. Watch it here:

The Art of Multi-Site k8s episode 2: Adding Persistent Storage to k8s using CSI

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