About this blog

So this is my little blog space. I have been thinking on either blogging, doing videos, vlogging? I will see where things take me. On thing is for sure: Demo demo demo!!! So I will be posting lots and lots of videos through my YouTube channel.

Visit my YouTube channel!

This site is built in WordPress, because I need something that works and doesn’t slow me down. Thanks to all people contributing to the WordPress platform and make this all possible!

Weird Graphics?!?

People who take a first look at my blog will undoubtedly see all of the “weird” images I put up as featured images. These graphics are all created by AI using Dream by Wombo. The graphics that get created from just a bunch of words are AMAZING! Too bad they don’t produce images in landscape yet, but eh I should not complain 🙂

Dream by Wombo can create all kinds of “Dreams” from realistic to weird to scary!