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Blogging is something I’ve been doing for many years. Some may remember vmdamentals.com where I put up deep technical blogs on the VMware eco system (mostly the hypervisor itself at the time). But as with most things… At some point you move into a new job, you loose access to resources and the world shifts to new things. These things caused vmdamentals.com to slowly come to a grinding halt.

So now it is a new era. A new job. New exciting stuff in a world where change accelerates. So I figured, time for a new blog, and here it is! WELCOME!

Where the name “konversations” came from

New era, new tech. So how to get started? Simple: You just ask ChatGPT. I actually had a really detailed conversation konversation with it around a cool name for a blog. The answers were remarkable. ChatGPT even managed to mix up existing words into new (non-existent) ones. This is how it went down:

Me: “Can you think of a good name for a deep technical blogsite, focussing on K8s, containers and storage?”
ChatGPT: “Container Chronicles” or “K8s Koncepts” or “Storage Sprints” could be good options for a blogsite focusing on K8s, containers, and storage.”

And there it was already. It wrote “Concepts” with a “K”. But I wasn’t ready to have any product or solution in the name. Way back with “VMdamentals.com” I included “VM” in there, basically keeping me from making a container-oriented blog. So I continued:

Me: “I really want to keep any specific solutions out of the name, as solutions change all the time.”
ChatGPT: “CloudTech Insights” or “Container Compass” or “KubeTech Digest” could be good options for a blogsite that focuses on K8s, containers and storage, but doesn’t mention any specific solutions.”

Hm. After some more chit chat where we discussed things like “tech dumpster” and whether or not the word “container” could be part of the name or not. In the end I wondered of there could be any “smart” name by mixing up words:

Me:”what about a twist to a word? So the site name would be an non-existing word, but it would be a combination of several others?”
ChatGPT: Sure, creating a new word by combining existing words is a creative way to come up with a unique name for your site. Here are a few examples of non-existing words that could convey the focus of your site:

  • Techtainer
  • Konteche
  • Storadynamics
  • Cloudtain
  • K8sperience
  • Containtech
  • Techstor
  • Dynamicsphere
  • Cloudtechtainer
  • Kubeinsight

Not bad…! In the end this gave me enough thought. As I plan to do a lot of videos, I started to lean towards “having conversations”… And Konversations.blog was born!

What will I be covering in this blog

I figure that if you want to run a blog that won’t dry up any time soon, you’ll have to be able to write about what you do and see in the job you do. Today #IworkForDell as a cloud-native engineering technologist in the team of Itzik Reich (be sure to read his blog volumes.blog!). Things like DevOps, Cloud-Native Application architectures, (infrastructure) automation and integrating storage into the world of containers lie close to my heart. As I produce a lot of videos I plan to make this blog site a bit like a vlog site as well. The videos featured on this blog you can also find on my youtube channel @konversationsblog.

Enjoy this new blog site! If you want to stay updated, don’t forget to subscribe.

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